With Gravo elevators you benefit from a flexible, reliable range of escalators and autowalks that can be tailored to a wide range of applications. Our escalators and autowalks are all based on the same reliable technology and modern visual design to ensure high quality, safe solutions, and low total cost of ownership. From small commercial centers to busy transit hubs, the flexible product portfolio comprises solutions for all segments.

escalator solutions

A clear distinction can be made between escalators for a commercial environment and escalators for public transportation environment. Commercial escalators and inclined autowalks play a vital role in routing shoppers to particular shops or specific aisles in a store. In public transportation environments, the challenge is to get passengers and their luggage to their destination on time.

Different types of escalators and autowalks have their own strengths, as shown in the table below, which will help you understand whether you need an escalator or an autowalk or both.


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